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Facebook has won the rights to live stream Premier League games in South East Asia.

Butch Cassidy was once asked why he robbed banks. “Because that’s where the money is.” Facebook’s successful bid to stream Premier League games in Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Thailand shares the same motivation. Facebook invests in South East Asia because that's where its customers are. Facebook relies on the region for 40 per cent of its monthly active users and it wants to keep these people entertained and engaged. It also needs to find more of them. Streaming Premier League games delivers new audiences and makes Facebook sticky. Ninety minutes of football is now ninety minutes of Facebook. The deal

makes sense for the Premier League too. South East Asian countries feature in the top ten overseas markets for most clubs. Facebook is still by far the biggest social network for the Premier League. The clubs share a total fanbase of 260 million people. That’s bigger than the global followings of the Premier League clubs on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube combined. There is another reason why Facebook might want to increase its investment in football. Over the past couple of years, most Premier League clubs have seen their Facebook growth slow to 3 per cent or less. Engagement rates this… read more »

Love it or loathe it, VAR has become THE talking point of World Cup 2018. Maybe modern technology is finding out what every man and woman in the middle already knows - it's not easy being a ref.

Football was always going to take some convincing about the merits of the Video Assistant Referee, and now that VAR is a reality in Russia, fans and commentators have been casting their views on the new technology. We'll put Alan Shearer down as a 'maybe'...   Well that’s the closest I’ve been to swearing on live TV! What I really wanted to say is that VAR is complete and utter bollocks!! #IranPortugal #VAR #RussiaWorldCup2018 — Alan Shearer (@alanshearer) June 25, 2018   Here's our take on the reaction of fans to VAR in the first ten days of

the World Cup. If you thought everybody would hate it, you're right, sort-of; 70 per cent of fan reaction so far has been negative. But some fans find the drama of a VAR decision exciting, others feel that having a rant against a machine is not much different from the good old days of ref-bashing. The results of our first study are for all group matches up to 25 June. It will be interesting to see if there are further signs of acceptance of VAR over the course of the tournament. If the knock-out stages throw up a critical VAR decision, we'd… read more »

As the media & advertising industry gathers for the 2018 edition of the Cannes Lions festival, we've been examining the connections between the Cannes delegates and how they reference each other in their Twitter conversations. The first chart shows how the folks at Cannes have been engaging with each other this week. Looks like everyone wants to talk to @Ogilvy and

@KFC. The second chart looks at the topics driving the Cannes conversation. There are the familiar subjects of #creativity, #innovation and #adtec, plus new focus on the impact of #metoo, #diversity and #blockchain. So, when everyone gets together at Cannes to talk about influencer marketing, who are the most influential people in the room? That's so meta...     read more »

Watching England will always have its ups and downs and here's how 250k fans experienced the opener against Tunisia. Spoiler Alert: We won

When we published our Annual Social Network Rankings for the Premier League, we noted how Twitter was fast becoming the most popular network for posting comments during games. More on that here. Speed forward to the England v Tunisia game and Twitter was buzzing with a mixture of joy and delight. There was frustration too; the penalty, several missed chances and Harry Kane being floored by Tunisia's defence (the Rugby World Cup is next year lads, and by the looks of it you'll do alright). When things happen in a football game reactions are usually easy to predict. That's one of the

reasons why we like tracking sport, it means we can calibrate our emotion detection system against a steady flow of expected outcomes. This helps us to fine-tune the tech for when we tackle less obvious subjects, or when the mood of an audience is not so easy to judge. Back to England v Tunisa. Here's what we did; a minute-by-minute breakdown of how 250k fans reacted to the game. You can see the joy as Harry Kane sneaks the winning goal, but my favourite moment is when Tunisia get a penalty (in the second chart, click the play button to pick… read more »

As players head for the World Cup or the beach, Newton Insight has updated its Social Network Rankings for all 20 Premier League clubs



To mark the end of the Premier League's 2017/18 Season, we are publishing a FREE update to our Social Network Rankings covering the activities of all 20 clubs up to 30 May 2018. The new report picks up the story from the start of this year and examines the impact of key events and trends in the second half of the season: Manchester United's YouTube launch in February Manchester City's title triumph and its journey to becoming a 'world club' The impact of club manager

change The increase in multi-platform use by fans A first look at the promoted clubs ahead of the 2018/19 Season The latest update includes detailed performance analysis for all 20 Premier League clubs and the three promoted clubs on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Weibo, including dedicated tables and charts for each social network. To discuss the report and for media enquiries please contact Download the FREE Update here (a link will be sent to your email address) read more »

Premier League Social Media Rankings 2018

Newton Insight’s Social Network Rankings is the most complete and authoritative analysis of the performance of the English Premier League clubs in global social networks. The report is a reference for clubs to assess their performance and competitiveness across different social networks. For sponsors and marketers, the results highlight how much value social networks are adding to the global fan base of the Premier League. Newton Insight’s report is essential reading for anyone with an interest in the business of football and the role social media will play in building its future. What's included? 70-page illustrated report Full

12-months results Detailed performance analysis of all 20 Premier League clubs on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Weibo 12-page Executive Summary highlights key trends for clubs, supporters, sponsors and media owners, including: How the clubs are extending their reach and engagement How global fanbases are engaging Manchester United’s decision to join YouTube The growing influence of Twitter in sport The outlook for growth in the US Spotlight on club performance in China Dedicated tables and charts for each social network, with detailed performance data for each club Individual profile pages for the 20 Premier League clubs To discuss the report and… read more »