The take-away from this post is that Premier League clubs achieve most of their fan engagement on Facebook with less than 50% of their video output. Want to understand why that is? Read on...

Ladies and gentleman, please take your seats, introducing…the best-performing video published by a Premier League club on Facebook this year. Manchester United’s unveiling of Alexis Sanchez in January has so far generated over 12 million views and 700k reactions from fans. The piano lessons have clearly paid off too. The Sanchez post shows the potential value of video to the Premier League clubs and sponsors. It also highlights how clubs can curate content intelligently to maximise the value of their video assets. Not every post by Manchester United achieves the same reach and engagement as the Sanchez video. So far in 2018

United has published almost 700 videos on Facebook. The average rate of interaction across United’s entire output is 24k fan engagements per video. Some videos grow big, others stay small. It's a similar story at the other Big Six clubs. Liverpool has released some stellar video content of its own this year. Highlights of the Legends game against Bayern Munich scored almost as many engagements as United’s Sanchez post. However, like United, there is plenty of blue water between Liverpool’s top-performing videos and the rest of the club’s output on Facebook. Activity this year The twenty Premier League clubs have published… read more »

What can investors learn from how companies are discussed in social media? How can social media data be used in risk management? As House of Fraser becomes the latest casualty on the high street, we analyse social media reactions in the twelve months before the company's move into administration.

I was once asked by an investment fund if social media can offer any clues to the outlook for retailers and consumer brands. It’s an interesting line of enquiry, and one which raises several more questions about how we interpret what people say to each other in social media and what signals we should be looking for. Recently the UK high street suffered another major casualty with the collapse of House of Fraser, the department stores group now subject to a rescue offer from Mike Ashley’s Sports Direct. Judging by the steady decline in the value of House

of Fraser debt over the past twelve months, investors in the company's bonds had a fairly good idea that all was not well; senior management changes, expensive rents and the chain’s failure to fully embrace online all contributed to a loss of confidence. But what about customer confidence? In amongst the many articles written about House of Fraser in the year before administration, very few commentators thought to ask what customers were thinking. So let’s track back over the past 12 months. Were there signals in social media that customers were becoming dissatisfied? They say ‘retail is detail’. Customers are… read more »

As players head for the World Cup or the beach, Newton Insight has updated its Social Network Rankings for all 20 Premier League clubs



To mark the end of the Premier League's 2017/18 Season, we are publishing a FREE update to our Social Network Rankings covering the activities of all 20 clubs up to 30 May 2018. The new report picks up the story from the start of this year and examines the impact of key events and trends in the second half of the season: Manchester United's YouTube launch in February Manchester City's title triumph and its journey to becoming a 'world club' The impact of club manager

change The increase in multi-platform use by fans A first look at the promoted clubs ahead of the 2018/19 Season The latest update includes detailed performance analysis for all 20 Premier League clubs and the three promoted clubs on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Weibo, including dedicated tables and charts for each social network. To discuss the report and for media enquiries please contact Download the FREE Update here (a link will be sent to your email address) read more »

Premier League Social Media Rankings 2018

Newton Insight’s Social Network Rankings is the most complete and authoritative analysis of the performance of the English Premier League clubs in global social networks. The report is a reference for clubs to assess their performance and competitiveness across different social networks. For sponsors and marketers, the results highlight how much value social networks are adding to the global fan base of the Premier League. Newton Insight’s report is essential reading for anyone with an interest in the business of football and the role social media will play in building its future. What's included? 70-page illustrated report Full

12-months results Detailed performance analysis of all 20 Premier League clubs on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Weibo 12-page Executive Summary highlights key trends for clubs, supporters, sponsors and media owners, including: How the clubs are extending their reach and engagement How global fanbases are engaging Manchester United’s decision to join YouTube The growing influence of Twitter in sport The outlook for growth in the US Spotlight on club performance in China Dedicated tables and charts for each social network, with detailed performance data for each club Individual profile pages for the 20 Premier League clubs To discuss the report and… read more »