We have become used to the idea that employers may check our social profiles as part of the recruitment process. But candidates can check up on employers too.

For the millennial job-seeker, social media comes with a health warning that your personal profile can be (and most likely will be) examined by a potential employer. Expect a few raised eyebrows at interview if you present yourself as an upright citizen but your facebook timeline is packed with the misadventures of a non-stop party animal. Claims of conquering Everest or conducting the London Philharmonic in your spare time may be applauded in the interview room and then quietly verified through a sweep of your pictures and posts. The door swings both ways So candidates need to be

mindful of their social media activities. But what employers need to remember is that social media is a two-way street. Candidates can investigate them. In the digital world all parts of a company’s being are open to inspection. Job applicants can assess any organisation by examining performance stats, opinions, forecasts and the social media activities of future colleagues. It’s all there – a boxed set of corporate triumphs, misdemeanours, praise and condemnation. As recruiters, companies are their own best or worst billboards. There’s the money of course, but these days a competitive salary is a starting point for a much broader… read more »