Australian rules football has some of the best fans of any sport and the clubs are using social media to make strong relationships even stronger.

You have to hand it to the AFL, Australian rules football might not be a global sport but it can lay claim to having some of the most committed fans anywhere in sport. AFL fans are enthusiastic and, win or lose, their social media posts are overwhelmingly positive. Rates of fan satisfaction outstrip most other sports we have looked at, including English football's world-conquering Premier League. We have assessed all senior AFL

teams for the size of their fanbase, annual growth and the quality of engagement between the club and fans. The best club performance in each category is rated at 100 and we index all other club performances against the winner. There are no surprises that last season's Grand Finalists have done well, but the AFL contains many grand old clubs with big fanbases who are using social media to keep their fans engaged.     read more »