As the Arsenal board looks ahead, many people are looking back at the transformational impact of Arsene Wenger on English football. But the achievements of 'Le Professeur' cannot hide the growing dissatisfaction expressed by many fans this season.

Lots of people are celebrating the achievements of Arsene Wenger today, but the story for supporters throughout the 2017/18 season has been one of growing frustration. The charts below are based on a sample of 400k tweets by 180k unique users from September 2017 to yesterday. The analysis of fan reactions over the course of the season was conducted using our emotiQ process to detect emotional signals in tweets. The results show a mixture of anger and growing mistrust in the second half of the season. Now, some people believe that social media is simply a venting chamber

for the angry and annoyed, but people talk about the good things too. Often more so. When we recently examined the social network activity of the Premier League, we found that clubs received more positive than negative reactions from their supporters on Facebook. Arsenal's problem was that its ratio of good-to-bad reactions was one of the lowest in the League.  Over on Twitter, maybe the fact that there wasn't an equivalent level of active support for the manager was part of the problem. In his first interview since announcing his resignation, Arsene Wenger himself highlighted the impact of criticism on his own… read more »