Fallout from the Snapchat update means shares in Snap Inc are now 17 per cent cheaper than they were yesterday. Evan Spiegel has stated that the update won't be reversed; users will have to like it or lump it. Or leave. Our analysis of user intentions suggests that Snapchat's users are far from decided on what to do next.

Never prejudge the results of research. Let the story emerge and only then make your mind up. It's a simple, valuable lesson which has just kicked me again this week. When we decided to refresh our analysis of the feelings of Snapchat users, we were confident that the signal would point to high levels of dissatisfaction, with more users expressing an intention to leave. What we discovered was a mixed situation; users are unhappy for sure, but are they leaving? Do they even intend to leave? Back in February 2018, Snapchat deployed a controversial app update which

we covered briefly here. Users were not happy and their overriding emotion was one of anger. Today we learned that Snap Inc shares have fallen by 17% on lower-than-expected growth in new users and concerns about retention. The company has warned that growth in users and revenue could slow substantially in the second quarter. Snap's CEO has blamed the app redesign for "disrupting user behaviour" and creating some "apprehension" among its advertisers. This doesn't look good. There's always more than meets the eye once you start to look beneath the surface. So we revisited our February data and brought it up to date… read more »