Watching England will always have its ups and downs and here's how 250k fans experienced the opener against Tunisia. Spoiler Alert: We won

When we published our Annual Social Network Rankings for the Premier League, we noted how Twitter was fast becoming the most popular network for posting comments during games. More on that here. Speed forward to the England v Tunisia game and Twitter was buzzing with a mixture of joy and delight. There was frustration too; the penalty, several missed chances and Harry Kane being floored by Tunisia's defence (the Rugby World Cup is next year lads, and by the looks of it you'll do alright). When things happen in a football game reactions are usually easy to predict. That's one of the

reasons why we like tracking sport, it means we can calibrate our emotion detection system against a steady flow of expected outcomes. This helps us to fine-tune the tech for when we tackle less obvious subjects, or when the mood of an audience is not so easy to judge. Back to England v Tunisa. Here's what we did; a minute-by-minute breakdown of how 250k fans reacted to the game. You can see the joy as Harry Kane sneaks the winning goal, but my favourite moment is when Tunisia get a penalty (in the second chart, click the play button to pick… read more »