As we head towards Christmas and the New Year, here's a quick temperature check on how the UK is feeling. 2017 has not been without its challenges for the Great British Public, but we're a hardy lot.

This is a quick study we put together to examine how different cities within the UK are feeling as 2017 winds down. It started as a media PR piece, but it developed into something more tangible for anyone who wants a real-time temperature check on this country's overall sense of well-being. The methodology is simple - take a random sample of 5,000 people in ten city locations. Track each person's twitter output over six weeks and run everything through our emotiQ emotional segmentation system. When we do these unsolicited sweeps, we approach the task with no agenda. It is up to the public to tell us how they are feeling. It could be a person's mood when they wake up, a pleasant surprise, a problem at work or something good on TV. Ultimately, the 'what' doesn't matter. We only want to know if people are happy about it or not. When we analyse everyday comments at scale, trends in attitudes and feelings emerge. By applying this approach to fifty thousand people consistently, we found a signal.   read more »