How passengers feel about Ryanair and British Airways

A quick look into the mood of air travellers as Ryanair becomes the latest airline to experience a strong headwind in 2017

Since the start of this year we have been analysing the feelings of one million customers of ten leading airlines, including British Airways and Ryanair. Some of the key findings are in the dashboard below.

We launched the study to search for underlying trends which may not be immediately evident from newspaper headlines. There have been some strong headwinds this year, of which Ryanair’s problems are the latest example. Our data provides useful context on the mood of the flying public.

Two quick observations on Ryanair; Since the start of year, the feelings of dissatisfied customers have been hardening from anger to disgust. Addressing new frustrations caused by the pilots shortage will be the focus for now, but longer term challenges remain.

Secondly, Ryanair has a relatively high level of customer mistrust, stimulated by a tough line on refunds. The company’s efforts to build confidence in its compensation programme will be targeted at the very point where customer trust is at its weakest.

On page three of the dashboard we have added a snapshot of follower behaviour for Ryanair’s facebook and twitter accounts. Unsurprisingly there has been a big increase in activity.

Even though these customers are joining in adversity, they are now part of Ryanair’s social community. The company has an opportunity to engage with them as it seeks a way out of its current troubles.




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