"Everything should be made as simple as possible. But not simpler" Einstein knew the key to sharing knowledge was to make it simple and easy to understand. I think the great man was telling us to get to the essence of what we want to say. With his words as our inspiration, we are launching the One-Minute Blog, a series of short, sharp burst of research and commentary to illuminate current and future opportunities in digital media.  There's so much information within social media and so much written about it. It is easy to be confused, especially when

attempting to explain social media's relevance to business outcomes. The numbers commonly used to illustrate the power and potential of social media are certainly big, but sometimes they are not clever, nor meaningful. Increasingly we will see organisations moving away from Big Data to focus on the Right Data to support their objectives. Our aim is to think intelligently about how social insights can best serve the needs of our clients. The One Minute Blog will help to distil our thinking. Most importantly it will give readers an immediate sense of where we’re coming from, in the same time it takes… read more »