As Newton Insight launches its new website, PR Moment's Ben Smith caught up with co-founder Phil Lynch to discuss how research is changing in response to new technology and client demand for faster insights.

The PR/comms insight sector seems to have split between firms who offer a (presumably) lower cost SaaS solution and those offering bespoke insight consultancy. It seems to me that both are likely to have a market. Are these very different strategies likely to co-exist or will there be a winner do you think? Phil: There won’t be an overall winner as we cannot have sophisticated insights without the large-scale data processing provided by the SaaS platforms. So it is a case of co-existence. But I do believe suppliers will need to choose between an emphasis on technology or

an emphasis on human interpretation of raw results. Suppliers will need to give clients a clear understanding of their strengths. On the client side, the challenge with SaaS is that unless you have the expertise in house to really understand the raw info you are getting and know how to ask the right questions in the first place, you may be achieving a very limited benefit. Is there a case for hosting solutions and research skills under one roof? I’m not so sure. Evolution in digital media means organisations need to retain a flexibility to mix and match resources to… read more »