Manchester City Accounts for Half of Premier League Growth on Facebook [FREE Download]

As players head for the World Cup or the beach, Newton Insight has updated its Social Network Rankings for all 20 Premier League clubs

To mark the end of the Premier League’s 2017/18 Season, we are publishing a FREE update to our Social Network Rankings covering the activities of all 20 clubs up to 30 May 2018.

The new report picks up the story from the start of this year and examines the impact of key events and trends in the second half of the season:

  • Manchester United’s YouTube launch in February
  • Manchester City’s title triumph and its journey to becoming a ‘world club’
  • The impact of club manager change
  • The increase in multi-platform use by fans
  • A first look at the promoted clubs ahead of the 2018/19 Season

The latest update includes detailed performance analysis for all 20 Premier League clubs and the three promoted clubs on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Weibo, including dedicated tables and charts for each social network.

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