As the F1 circus heads to Australia for the launch of the Grand Prix season, Newton Insight gets a steer on how Formula One is building its global presence on social networks. F1 claims to be the fastest growing major sport in social media, but there are more stories to tell, both for the sport and its millions of fans.

Now that our latest report on the performance of Premier League clubs is in the can, we've decided to apply the same methodology to Formula 1. Lots of interesting findings for F1 and sponsors to consider - including the areas where F1 is out-performing other sports in the competition for fans' attention. F1 Social Network Rankings The 2019 report is a reference for Formula One and F1 teams to assess their performance and competitiveness across the major social networks. For sponsors and marketers, the results highlight how much value social networks are adding to the global fan base of F1. Newton Insight’s report is essential reading for anyone with

an interest in the business of Grand Prix motor racing and the role social media will play in building its future. What's included? 32-page illustrated report Full 12-months results up to 01 January 2019 Detailed performance analysis of Formula One and the ten F1 teams on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube Executive Summary highlights key trends for the teams, supporters, sponsors and media owners, including: How F1 is extending global reach and fan engagement The success of F1 on YouTube The rapid growth of @Formula1 on Facebook Spotlight on the performance of F1 v The Premier League, including monthly active users and fan engagement trends Dedicated tables… read more »