The latest Which? report on air passenger satisfaction contains results very similar to Newton Insight's own findings. For us, it's a validation of how social insight can deliver a reliable outcome, but there are some differences which need to be explained.

On the face of it, the results of the airline satisfaction studies released by Newton Insight and Which? look remarkably similar. I have always believed in the potential of social insights to match results assembled from orthodox customer surveys. In the table below I have compiled results for the nine airlines common to both studies, in order to show how each research company rates these specific airlines against each other.   Looking at the results in more detail, the signal for customer satisfaction is consistent at the top of both tables. The same airlines occupy the top four positions, although

the placing of Delta and Etihad is flipped. I suspect this is a consequence of our different approach to sample sizing and the relatively low exposure of the Which? audience to Delta. The main difference comes in mid-table, where Which? has Easyjet in fifth place, followed by British Airways. for Newton Insight, BA occupies fifth spot and Easyjet is close to the bottom. Why the difference? I think there are two things at play here. First, Easyjet is the most represented airline in the Which? survey with almost two thousand responses. This is not aligned with Easyjet's actually share of passenger volumes.… read more »