2017 delivered some strong headwinds to the airlines sector. United Airlines, British Airways and Ryanair each experienced a major disruption. As 2017 draws to a close, we look back and examine how the airlines are recovering from their turbulent year.

Before taking a fresh look at how customers feel about their airlines, I want to revisit the why and how of what we do at Newton Insight. Our aim is to identify the causes and strengths of emotional response, guided by the principal that reaction stimulates action. What we learn helps our clients to understand what their customers will do next. To do this, we mine emotional signals in global social media and social networks. We measure how feelings are changing over time, or in response to a particular stimulus. Social media is sometimes described as the world’s largest focus group, and that

is exactly how we use it. Our hybrid tech-human approach means we can analyse large volumes of data quickly, and the results will be meaningful to our clients. Our air travel data set is a good example of this. Knowing if customers are delighted or disappointed has implications for demand, pricing and recommendation. So there are compelling reasons to understand how the customer is feeling, and why. The interactive charts you are looking at in this post are just the tip of a very large iceberg. Every time you click between two tabs, you are seeing the results of… read more »