As Ford announces a new scrappage scheme in the UK, we have been analysing how car buyers feel about new power technologies. Ahead of the launch of our emotional insights framework, we wanted to find out if there is still a place for petrol? Will we all be driving electric cars within the next 20 years?

Our latest family trip to Devon was one of those holidays that gives with one hand and takes away with the other. One joyous sunny day on a beach followed by days of dark skies and rain. On the way home our car broke down. To borrow a quote from the film Withnail & I, we had gone on holiday by mistake. On our return home, we set about looking for a new car. "No more diesels" my wife said. I noted that another individual with a slightly larger interest in the future of car fuels had

reached a similar conclusion. In July the CEO of Royal Dutch Shell, Ben Van Beurden told Bloomberg that his next car purchase would be an electric vehicle.  We might also save some money. Ford today announced a new incentive scheme to remove older diesel and petrol cars as part of a 'journey' to improve air quality and to promote sales of newer, more efficient cars and new fuel technologies. A fork in the road Petrol, diesel, hybrid or electric? This choice is an early fork in the road for today's car buyer. It is also a choice that is becoming more complex.… read more »