NEWTON Insight: Faster access to global social insights


NEWTON Media group and research expert Philip Lynch have combined to launch social media agency NEWTON Insight.

Based in London with a New York office set to open in 2017, NEWTON Insight is pioneering new methodologies in social insights and offers a fresh alternative to traditional market research techniques.
With the goal of making social data accessible and more actionable for clients, the new venture will deliver fast, accurate insights to public and private organisations across international markets.
NEWTON Media group CEO Petr Herian and NEWTON Insights MD Philip Lynch said:
“At the heart of our decision to launch NEWTON Insight is a belief that the research industry has the ability to travel faster to maximise the value of new technology. Research must keep pace with client demands for more innovation in the speed, scale and efficiency of insight programmes.
“We believe that new technology, properly shaped and managed by skilled researchers, offers an unmissable opportunity for NEWTON Insight to help its clients achieve profound gains in the understanding of public attitudes and intentions.”
NEWTON Media group is one of Europe’s leading providers of media monitoring and analysis solutions and NEWTON Insight will be able to draw upon its extensive network and resources - currently totalling over 500 employees in 19 offices across ten European countries.
NEWTON Insight’s work will form a critical part of the media monitoring and analysis services NEWTON Media supplies to the European Commission and the European Chemicals Agency.