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In today’s digital work all brands and organisations are part of a complex ongoing global conversation. Social media allows clients, journalists, competitors and consumers to discuss you whenever and wherever they want.

How you engage in that conversation will define your public reputation and shrink or grow your business.

NEWTON Insight can guide you through that daily dialogue. We don’t just listen, we analyse. We don’t just identify who is talking, we delve into the conversation to understand why they are talking.

We know that conversations drive the world. Our expertise allows us to advise on which dialogues to join, which debates to start and which to avoid. If there is a problem, we can identify the cause and help formulate the right response.

NEWTON Insight tracks your engagement and monitors your reach so we can give you a clear and full picture on how your target audience views your organisation and how to influence that perception and reach out to new groups and influencers.  

We also keep a close watch on how others are talking about your brand as well as what your competitors are doing. How you talk, when you talk and who you talk to has never been more important.

The process starts with a conversation. We can take things from there.