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As the power and reach of social media has grown exponentially in recent years, so has the ability to measure, monitor and capture the data and information it generates.

Brand owners are keen to exploit this potential, and we know our clients are facing internal pressures to do so.

But there is a concern that technology-based solutions will not deliver actionable insights and will ultimately fail the ‘so what?’ test.

The sheer amount of data available has led to confusion and lack of understanding about how to make accurate brand evaluations.  We need shift our focus from Big Data to Relevant Data.

NEWTON Insight is a direct response to the strong demand for clear, actionable insight that informs rather than overwhelms. For clear analysis that stimulates action, not indecision.

We are committed to utilising the latest innovations in data analytics and combining it with the sophistication of specialist human insight. The world is changing and it is our view is that our clients will value evolution over revolution when it comes to shaping their research strategies.

The process starts with a conversation. We can take things from there.