Not the most important piece of research we have undertaken, but certainly the fastest.

In keeping with the speed with which we put this snapshot together, this will be a brief post. Plus I've got to some panic-buying to do. If you are reading this over breakfast, looking down at a bare slice of toast, you know what I'm on about.Tesco is to stop selling Marmite. Clear the front page and judging by what's rolling out of my radio, clear whatever else BBC Radio 4 was planning to talk about today.  At 7.30am this morning, we were asked if we had a view on this very British problem. It was time to fire up

the data engines to come up with something short and sharp, ready for the mid-morning news. Right, we thought, how do we create a piece of research that is both relevant and defensible within two hours? The answer emerged very quickly; scoop up all of the Marmite traffic on Twitter and cross-reference the location of contributors with the ONS map of Brexit referendum results by district. So we worked out how the various Remain and Leave areas of the country were responding to the latest threat to British civilisation. I know this was a bit of fun, but there is… read more »