Social networks are expanding the audiences for top sports competitions but there are significant differences in how individual sports and advertisers are exploiting opportunities to engage with fans on game day. Newton Insight's sports blog continues with a look at the current state of play.

I’m old enough to remember when Saturday afternoon was the centre of the sporting week. 90% of what I cared about happened then, which made following it pretty simple. You either went to the game, watched on television or followed on the radio. If it wasn’t being broadcast, you read about it the next day in print. But just as 21st century working life rarely slots into the traditional nine to five slot anymore, neither does our sports consumption sit in the comfortable old mould of Saturday afternoons. Like many fans unable to find the spare time to

sit in front of a television screen for games scattered liberally across the working week, I find myself increasingly turning to Twitter to be kept updated on live match action. Different sports, different strokes Since writing my last piece on the NFL and Twitter, I’ve become increasingly interested in the live match Twitter experience across different sports. Much has been made recently of Twitter’s struggles to stay relevant and grow. Sport is an area I still feel offers huge potential for Twitter to expand and for brands, sponsors and broadcasters to increase their engagement and reach with fans. With that… read more »