Brands have many, many options to promote themselves in social media. The trick is to stay focused on what a brand should do, rather than all the things it could do.

The Economist is one of the most distinctive and authoritative brands in global media. Founded in 1843, it’s as relevant as ever. Still surprisingly strong in print format, it’s also built a robust and genuinely innovative multichannel network of content encompassing everything from podcasts, to video to apps. The quality of its multimedia output is as strong as its renowned written content. A critical part of the Economist’s brand has always been its bold, brash, even arrogant, approach to positioning itself in the market. Consider this old Economist advertisement: It’s branding that requires its audience to think. I’ve shown

this advert on several training courses and often at least half of the audience fail to grasp what it’s saying. It takes a confident brand to run campaigns like that. Which is probably why many readers view this engagement tactic on its Instagram as somewhat off key. True to its progressive agenda, the Economist has adapted remarkably well to the modern media landscape. But it must also beware trying too hard to reach new audiences. That brash, ‘better than other brands’ attitude is partly what makes it work.  The Economist thrives because it delivers brilliant, insightful content. It engages… read more »