In our second post about retail banking we examine the Twitter accounts of bank helpdesks and how they have an important role to play in promoting customer satisfaction.

‘I am sat on your helpline and slowly losing the will to live…’ ‘Thanks!!!Brilliant!!!!’ ‘I am abroad and locked out of my account' Three different posts from the last month. From dealing with mild irritation to red-faced outrage, the Twitter accounts of bank helpdesks are at the forefront of the move to socialise customer relationships. Customers experience a range of practical problems from seeking help with opening a new account, accessing money abroad or navigating an online banking platform. Such are the small everyday challenges we experience with our banks and usually a simple remedy is all we require.

For more serious problems such as replacing a lost credit card or suspected fraud our expectations of effective action are much greater. But whether the problem is serious or not, every contact is an opportunity for the bank to strengthen its relationship with the customer. Customers remember how their problem was answered long after the problem itself has ceased to be relevant. Here’s a quick data point for you, assembled from a month-long study of the helpdesk Twitter accounts operated by Nationwide, Santander, HSBC and Natwest. We examined the emotional state of customers when they first contacted the helpdesk and… read more »