Before TfL's decision, thousands of Londoners were making up their own minds about Uber and black cabs. In our latest social insights post, we look at how taxi customers are feeling. Our analysis is based on the reactions of 20k people. We put the pedal down hard to deliver results in four days.

Somewhere in the middle of the dispute between Uber and Transport for London sits the customer; Londoners who are dashing to a meeting or sitting at Liverpool Street staring at an empty departures board. The outcome of this particular battle is relevant to anyone who needs to be somewhere else. The online petition to ‘save Uber’ has attracted 600,000 signatures and counting. It’s a powerful response to a yes/no question. But it is not a blanket endorsement of Uber’s track record. Some people are simply voting for choice, however it arrives at their pick-up point. People are thinking ahead.

Rival taxi apps Gett and MyTaxi have record levels of new customer interest. Search activity and recommendations in social networks are at an all-time high. Gett is trending in the AppStore. If Uber works out a compromise with TfL, its next challenge is to keep hold of its customers in the face of growing competitor actvity. This creates a new question; how ‘sticky’ is Uber?   Searching For Signals Of Trust And Loyalty To understand how customers feel about Uber and black cabs, we investigated the emotional signals expressed by the thousands of people who use them every day. We… read more »