When we issued new research on the UK's Brexit mood last week, the folks over on Reddit asked us a question: Are people who discuss Brexit generally more critical in their outlook, or are their feelings 100% influenced by Brexit? We revisited our data and ran some additional analysis to examine the mood of the UK public and Brexit authors both before and after the referendum.

Last week we published stats on Brexit and the mood of the UK public, measured by their engagement on Twitter. The findings were based on a sample of 4 million people (approximately one-tenth of the total UK electorate, or one-quarter of active Twitter users in the UK). The study period covered January 2016 to May 2018, so we captured data for the pre-referendum period and for all subsequent points in the UK’s Brexit journey. The research was conducted in two stages; a random sample of four million individual accounts on any topic, and a more focused

sample of people who discuss Brexit. The initial wave of random sampling was designed to find a norm for general levels of contentment within the UK Twitter population. No topics were predefined for the sampling; people only needed to be an active user of Twitter. It didn’t matter what they were doing, we only analysed how they were feeling. The second wave of sampling focused on 150k people who had commented on Brexit at any point since January 2016. We examined the emotional expression of Brexit Authors in two stages. We measured their reactions to any topic and then we isolated their… read more »