The latest Which? report on mobile network customer satisfaction contains results very similar to Newton Insight's own findings. For us, it's a validation of how social insight can support the more orthodox workings of consumer research. Understanding how people express themselves can help researchers to test hypotheses and to work out the questions they should be asking. A deep dive into social also presents an opportunity to identify what is working well and how the customer relationship can be improved.

We regularly look for opportunities to benchmark the results of our social media research against the findings of more orthodox consumer surveys. It helps us to fine-tune our approach and to work out how direct questions can be translated into the millions of indirect, unsolicited statements we collect in social media. Our latest head-to-head with a classical research model involves the study of mobile network customer satisfaction. In March this year the Consumers' Association released a new Which? report on the UK's mobile network operators. The research covered much of the same ground as one of our internal social

media data sets so we decided to examine how our findings matched up, or not.  The Which? results were based on the experiences of over 6k customers of thirteen contract, sim-only and pay-as-you-go providers. Customers were asked to rate their network provider for a range of service issues and for overall value for money. Customers were also asked whether they would recommend their network to friends and family. The headline conclusion of the Which? report was that smaller, virtual networks delivered a higher level of customer satisfaction than the big network owners EE, O2, Three and Vodafone. Within the leading group… read more »