Moving on from the firestorm created by the facebook ad in October, how is Dove rebuilding trust with its customers?

Much has been written about the firestorm ignited by Dove’s facebook ad in October. Dove did not mean to offend people with its facebook ad, but it did. This experience reminds all of us that we do not own our reputation. It's what other people think that counts. In the days following the release of the ad, customers felt let down, especially in the US. There was a wider impact too. We know from our own research that opposition to the ad was substantially inflated by non-customers. As tensions reduce over time, Dove faces the challenge of restoring

the strong sense of joy and delight that surrounded the brand before the release of the ad.  With this in mind, we have been analysing how customer emotions have moved on and where Dove is now. We have divided our data chronologically to identify changes in Dove's emotional profile before, during and after the week of the facebook ad release. The During tab shows the maelstrom of emotions that followed the release of the ad, although we need to remember that not everyone who complained was a Dove customer.  We do know that customers were the main source of expressions of… read more »