NI's Dave Barrowcliff asks if personalisation algorithms open up a world of choice or do they simply reinforce our biases and prejudices? How can marketers introduce us to something new when the internet gives us more of the same? Sometimes we need disruption in our lives to make new discoveries.

The problem with looking in the bathroom mirror is that you always see a reflection of yourself. That’s fine if you’re fixing your hair. But what if you look under the skin and all you see is a reflection of your own beliefs, attitudes and prejudices? The internet is a hungry monster. It feeds off your every move. You like what you see and you see what you like. You heart a picture. You angry-face a news article. You ha-ha at a goat in pyjamas. All the time feeding the monster. Behind the scenes your actions are being chewed up

and digested. A profile of ‘you’ is being created and honed to perfection, ready for the monster to regurgitate it all back to you. Hurrah! I’m seeing more recipes for things I like to eat. Except I don’t want to eat the same kind of food all the time. But in order to bake a different cake, I need to use different ingredients. I need to get the monster in a neck-hold and force-feed it something else. Easier said than done. The monster will resist. You’ve trained it well. What’s my point? It’s about serendipity. Think about your… read more »